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Since 2002, A Better Chance of Westport has been giving motivated, outstanding minority youth, the opportunity to achieve their dreams through education. With the support of their families, our scholars apply to this game-changing program in the hope of achieving a better future. It is our belief that these young men, through their experiences while attending Staples High School, one of Connecticut's and the nation's top performing high schools, and in their involvement with the Westport community, will become successful members of society, capable of leading the way not only for themselves but also for others who will follow.

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Our Grads ~ High School & College

Four years ago, Rhyse McLean came to ABC Westport from Laurderhill, FL. On June 21, 2013, he was our 14th scholar to graduate from Staples High School and is currently a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University. Last May, three of our college scholars graduated. Khalif Rivers graduated from West Virginia University. Khalif will take a year off from school and then begin working on his masters degree in counseling psychology. Jonathan Choi received his degree from Harvard University and will be working for Lazard Freres & Co. in NYC as an investment banking analyst focusing on M&A and restructuring. From Cornell University, we have another graduate, Charles Winslow. Charles will also be working in NYC as an analyst for Goldman Sachs in Corporate Service and Real Estate Development.

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Our High School Freshmen

This school year, we are very excited to announce that we have eight amazing scholars, a full house. Mannasses Ogutu and Samuel Larkin have joined our program. Mannasses, from Bayonne, NJ, has dreams of becoming a doctor. His family’s journey began in Kenya, where his father was born and raised before coming to the USA for his “a better chance”. Samuel Larkin comes to us from Atlanta, GA. He was described by his teacher, from one of the KIPP Middle schools, as an “avid learner” that is “always up for a challenge". Additionally, Samuel is a fierce competitor on the tennis court where he plays both singles and doubles. Because both Mannasses and Samuel are the only children in their families, they are excited about the additional challenge of adapting to a house filled with “brothers”.